Back to homeschooling….

Michelle started this semester pretty excited to be taking Geology.  Within 2 weeks, she was no longer excited, she was frustrated.  Halfway into the semester, she’s dropped the class.  She wasn’t finding the professor helpful and she gave up trying to figure it out on her own.  (It seems the other students in her class that she approached were having similar struggles and weren’t much help either.)

So this leaves us having to work harder on school at home and having to pull a miniature portfolio together of the work she’s done at home and will be doing for the rest of the year.  If she’d held onto the class, (and passed it), all we would have had to do for school district homeschool review would have been to submit her transcript from SFCC and her grades from the SAT prep class she took via FLVS.  But, she’s a credit short now. 


Ah well, this will be good for her.  She’s going to be in charge of pulling a portfolio of work together.  It’s not so good for me, I’m left trying to create some real lesson plans where before we were just playing it by ear because she had the "official" credits.


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