Stop Cyberbullying

On Tuesday I wrote about a type of cyberbullying.  As horrible as this is, there are some good things coming out of it.  Many, many people are talking and writing about cyberbullying and what we can do to help create a safer internet community. 

Andy Carvin from PBS has created a Stop Cyberbullying community.  I encourage everyone to join and contribute to the discussions taking place there.  Tomorrow has also been deemed "Stop Cyberbullying Day".  This would be a very good time to discuss cyberbullying with your kids and there are many, many resources available to you.  Many are linked within the community that Andy created.

Dr Steven Parker has blogged about cyberbullying and kids.  ClubMom has an article about cyberbullying too.   I searched CafeMom and found very few journal entries about this topic.  There is a good one, check that out. I would urge all of you CafeMom members to create a journal entry tomorrow about this topic.  It’s important that we talk about this together and with our children.

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