Blogging from NYC

TW and I are in NYC, Michelle is at home.  (With her brother, so don’t get all weird about me leaving my kid home alone!  Her brother will be 21 soon, for goodness sakes.) 

I love NYC.  TW loves NYC.  I thought Michelle loved NYC but she told TW yesterday that she doesn’t.  She doesn’t like big cities.  Weird.  I really thought she had enjoyed her many trips to the city while we were living in Jersey. 

There goes our idea of getting Michelle to consider NYU for college.  Just as well, I don’t think she’d actually get any school work done if she lived here.  There are far too many Michelle-like distractions.  Interesting people.  Interesting art.  Interesting music.  Interesting life.  If I lived here, I’d probably not get any work done!  (OK that’s taking it a bit far since I have been here for 2 days and I’ve gotten a LOT of work done, even with a sometimes spotty internet connection at the Hotel Gansevoort.)

Anyway, there’s the problem.  Finding a school in a community that has interesting people, interesting art, interesting music, and interesting lifestyle – but not TOO interesting to distract her from her work.  Maybe Savannah?  We’ll be visiting SCAD in a couple of weeks.  Savannah might just meet all requirements.

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