While We Were Out

Anytime we go away and leave Michelle at home (with her brother!) we can count on three thangs happening. 

1) Michelle will bake.  This trip she baked cinnamon rolls.
2) Michelle will do her laundry.  Two loads done.
3) Michelle will clean her room.  Actually, she organized shelves this time.

Something else we can almost always count on – she gets her school work DONE. 

This trip was no exception.  Besides her dual enrollment school work and making an appointment with her adviser (which I reminded her to do right before I left) she is half-way through Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde, she did the introductory chapter in physics (and the questions I created to go along with it) and she did the introductory section of the Math SAT study guide.   

It’s good to leave for a few days and not worry (too much) that she’s getting into trouble or not getting work done.  She’s a good kid and we’re lucky to have her.  (Even if that means I need to plan some more lesson plans like RIGHT NOW!)


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