Favorite Teen Homeschool Blog

If you are not sure who to vote for the in the Teen Homeschool Blog category, let me make a suggestion… Cocking a Snook Too would be an excellent choice. See that comment from her mom, down there at the bottom of the post? That is why you should vote for her. She’s not a religious homeschooler. She’s an alterna-teen like my Michelle! Except more radical, heh. Or maybe more visibly radical? Or maybe more vocally radical? Whatever. Go vote for her. And read her blog everyday.


5 responses to “Favorite Teen Homeschool Blog

  1. Wow! Thank you for the rave review!
    I appriciate it – and you’ve got my vote. (and my mom’s, too…..all this sudden inexplicable adoration of me is going to her head a little.)
    My mom also drives the house taxi : ) – keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Denise, Cocking a Snook’s mom here, also in Florida and glad to see your recommendation as a fellow mom (is there any such thing, seems awkward!?) of an alterna-teen (good word)blog. The current leading blog in that category, the Rebelution, looks like quite a major ministry operation with some serious financing and organization behind it, and I see it already won last year so I guess that must be the favorite and best known. We’ve never done anything like this before so it’s all fun and interesting to us no matter what happens.

    I just voted for you in Nitty-Gritty. (So did Favorite Daughter) Maybe I should have found your blog before, from Doc’s Sunrise Rants, who I admire from Daryl Cobranchi’s HE&OS — but never connected back here. Now I have. 🙂

    Come read and visit at the mothership Cocking a Snook when you feel so inclined! I spent most of the weekend grousing about Easter. 😉


  3. Hey Denise, this comment is not at all intended to change any votes. Everyone, go vote for Cocking A Snook Too. Now.

    However, I did want to clarify the nature of our blog and website. The Rebelution is not a major ministry organization. It’s full-time (and unpaid) staff is made up of my twin brother and me. We started in August 2005 with a generic Blogger blog template.

  4. Forgive me, I posted before I was finished. =)

    Our current website only launched this past August. It was entirely designed by my brother, with coding help from teens we had met in our first year of blogging.

    As to our conferences, they were started early last year. They are entirely coordinated by us and our family, with local teen volunteers recruited through our blog.

    I could go on, but perhaps I’ve already said more than necessary. I just wanted to make sure it was understood that The Rebelution really is an entirely alterna-teen run blog and website. =)

    And I voted for you. =D

  5. Hi Alex, then what you two have accomplished is VERY impressive! It is so very professionally presented, and I read about the book publisher interviews you and your brother are doing — wow!

    Thanks for setting me straight, and so charmingly too. 🙂

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