Teaching Physics When You Hate Science

I hate science. No not really. I just hate formal science like reading science text books and listening to boring lectures. Give me a science musuem, a fun science project, an interesting science magazine or article or blog post and I’m good. There’s a huge gap between formal science education and informal science education. I think Michelle learned that when she chose a college Geology class simply because she and her friends enjoy sitting outside of a club, with guitars in their hands, talking about shifting tectonic plates. She might have dropped a science class and be “short a credit” but I think she’s learned a valuable lesson.

Since we can’t take the easy way out of the homeschool evaluation at the end of the year, we have to step up and get ourselves together and get some work done at home. Michelle has taken 2 college math classes, 2 college art classes, 1 college english class and two “study skills/life skills” type electives (one college, one high school). Pretty good but something is missing, what could it be… a science! Since she’s already taken Biology 1 and Chemistry 1 that means Physics! It really only means Physics because I had the perfect book sitting right on my bookshelf: Get a Grip on Physics

It is perfect because it does teach Physics without being as boring as a text book or as boring as a Physics teacher. It has pictures! (heh) It has puns! It has interesting little tidbits about scientists and their tendency to be institutionalized for nervous breakdowns and such later in their lives. With the help of this book, Michelle is working her way through Physics without too much pain and suffering. And as a bonus, I’m also working my way through Physics without too much pain and suffering.


One response to “Teaching Physics When You Hate Science

  1. Oh – we have to get this book!

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