10 Reasons Why Homeschooling MAY Be Right For Everyone

I really dislike this article, 10 Reasons Why Homeschooling Might Not Be Right For Everyone.  First, it’s a stupid title.  I hate stupid titles.  Second, the reasons are stupid.  See a pattern?  I hate stupid stuff. Let’s look at the reasons:

1) What’s your personal stress?  Ummm oooook.  I can tell you that I have had 10xs (if not 100xs) more stress because of sending my children to public school than I’ve had over taking Michelle out of school and homeschooling her myself.  The article says homeschooling will bring "other kinds of stress" and goes on to talk about reducing income because the parent may need to quit his/her job – this is a valid point.  If you depend on income from a part time job (or a full time job) and you cannot work at home or work out a flex time schedule then I agree.  But, don’t assume you can’t work and homeschool at the same time.  In some cases, you may be able to do so.   The real issue I have with this is "your free time will be reduced."  Good grief.  So we send our children off to school so we have free time?  Helloooooo, that makes no sense at all.  Homeschool parents can still have free time – there are play groups and sports groups and BABYSITTERS if that’s all you are using the school system for. 

2) How’s your self esteem?  Ugh.  Parents with low self esteem can’t teach their kids at home because they might fail?  Then they might blame themselves for failing their kids?  Uh, let me tell you something – those folks are already blaming themselves for their children’s problems and sending them off to school where they have very little control over the situation is NOT going to help their self esteem.  Crazyness.

3) How well do you get along with your children?  hahaha If you get along well with your children while they are going off to school then you might mess up the family dynamic by keeping them at home, thus ruining your relationship with them!  Who thought that one up? 

4) Do you like to teach?  I don’t even understand this one.  Whoever wrote this article is assuming that homeschooling parents have to "teach" like, well, like teachers in a school setting.  There are so many ways to "teach" that this little item doesn’t make sense, at all. 

5) Are you smiling yet?  No I’m not smiling while reading this article and I did not smile when I first decided to homeschool Michelle.  In fact, I was angry and sad and as far from smiling as I could get.  That did not mean homeschooling wasn’t right for Michelle, for me or for our family. 

6) Your child’s vision of you.  So if you homeschool a child, he/she must see you as both a parent and a teacher and the kid may not be able to do that?  Shouldn’t your child already see you as a teacher?  Shouldn’t your child know that you wear multiple hats in life and carry out multiple roles?  Ridiculous reason.

7) Your child and discipline.  I really don’t understand this one either.  Will disciplining your child get in the way of learning?  Ummm if your child needs to be disciplined nonstop at home, then he/she was probably causing a huge problem in school and you ought to work on that little issue a bit and home would probably be the best place to work on that.  Weird.

8) And What about Social Life?  What about it?  Oh yea, homeschooled kids never leave their homes, never interact with anyone outside the family circle.  How could I forget?  The socialization question really has been answered over and over again and anyone who uses this as a reason NOT to homeschool a child is really stretching. 

9) Extra Curricular Activities.  So kids are motivated to go to school because of the extra curricular activities offered?  OMG, you’re kidding me.  This is a reason NOT to homeschool your kids?  OMG is all I can say to this.

10) Your child’s learning style.  Apparently teachers are equipped to handle your child’s learning style and you, as a parent, might not be.  hahaha.  Teachers may know all sorts of things about various learning styles but that does not mean they have the time, the resources or the desire to cater to your child’s learning needs.  Crazy, crazy, crazy!

OK OK I do not think that everyone should homeschool.  I do not think sending a child off to school is bad for every child.  I just think the reasons THIS article gives for NOT homeschooling are off – way off.


4 responses to “10 Reasons Why Homeschooling MAY Be Right For Everyone

  1. mkay, i’m agreeing with you. i’m interested, though, based on your experience, to know what would be good reasons not to homeschool?

  2. Standing ovation in your win for the HSB Awards!!

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  3. Hi, I stumbled across your blog… and though I don’t know much about homeschooling I think point #9 from the article might be a valid one. Extracurricular activities is what made my highschool experience so great for me. I suppose if you have your children enrolled in sports that’s good too… but what about leadership opportunities within the school? What about clubs, and student government, and silly school wide events that spark school spirit? That is hard to find anywhere else other than a middle/high school setting… and did make attending school more enjoyable for me.

  4. I totally agree with you on every point, Denise.

    Also, Malena, situations such as you describe are absolutely NOT hard to find outside of a public school. It’s true. I swear. I’ve been doing this for almost 6 years and we have had no problem getting the girls involved in all sorts of activities. In fact, we got to the point that we had so much going on that we had to scale back on it a bit.

    Also – Denise – CONGRATS ON WINNING!!!

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