Finals are dirty business

Michelle has her Skills for Success final today, her Math final tomorrow and she has to turn in her two art project for her final plus her sketchbook. She was busy sketching all weekend long. She was sketching this morning before I took her to school. She went to school early so she could keep sketching (she needed to actually SEE something she was drawing in order to finish it). Art classes are dirty!

This is what Michelle’s hands have looked like, almost constantly, since she started dual enrollment classes last fall. She pretty much has given up on getting them clean, except at work (and even then…)


Here’s the sketch, not quite finished this morning.


She dropped her portoflio on the floor outside her bedroom and had to re-tape everything – the stress is getting to her.


And here is this semester’s self-portrait.



4 responses to “Finals are dirty business

  1. Thanks for your post. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Maya & Miguel, a show on PBS in the afternoons — — that emphasizes cultural diversity and language learning but I’m reaching out to talk to parents about the program as part of a marketing project I’m working on with Scholastic.

    I found your post and thought I’d reach out to say hello and ask if you’d like to receive a free Maya & Miguel DVD. If you’d like to receive the DVD just email me at Kerri at with your address and I’ll have it shipped it out to you.

    If you do choose to blog about Maya & Miguel show or episodes on the DVD, please make it clear how you received the information. Our goal is to be open and honest with everyone we reach.

    Kerri Roberts, BoldMouth

  2. Her sketches are amazing. Very talented.

  3. Great work by your daughter.

    And love the spam comment above. Of course teenagers want to watch PBS cartoons 😉

  4. Cool. She’s really getting GOOD, isn’t she? That’s not just grandma talking either…

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