Fun Lesson Friday

When I was a kid my mom received a craft kit every month.  I can’t remember what the craft service was called but I know it was directly related to the Pack-O-Fun folks.  These craft kits were not for me or for my brother.  They were for her. I was totally jealous.  She did sometimes let me help and I often watched as she worked on her project. Many times the kits went unopened into the hallway junk closet because she didn’t have time or interest for them.  I would dig around in the hallway junk closet, along with my brother, and fondle her craft kits.  They would somehow open, (poor packaging I’m sure), and we would take pieces of the kit out and explore them.  We would read over the instructions and put everything back in the box just the way we found it, (yea right).  Eventually there were kits that were missing bits and pieces and could never be completed because some of the pieces would have somehow gotten "lost" or "appropriated".  I soooo wanted a craft of the month club of my very own.

When I stumbled upon this Thing of the Month Club I immediately thought about those old craft kits of my mom’s. Then I thought of the various "of the month" kits my own children have received.  There is nothing better than getting a package every month that’s just for you.  Even teens LOVE this, though they may act like they don’t really care. 

There are many, many "of the month" type programs available.  Search around and find just the perfect one for your family.  Or, for a really fun lesson plan, let your teen plan her own "of the month club" – 12 kits, planned around a them – for herself or for a younger siibling.  Or how about planning these as a business venture? 

Kit of the month clubs… I think I need to join one.  Right now.  Or maybe I should subscribe my mom to one – she’s retired, has nothing to do all day and has a new grandson who would probably love to wander through her junk closet in a year or two and confiscate her craft materials….


2 responses to “Fun Lesson Friday

  1. Funny. Very funny.
    You should have told me you wanted your own craft of the month. I’d have gotten you one. I still could, ya know…

  2. You should get her one. She is so cute when she gets crafty! But, crafting together with her can be a bit vexing. She is a little bossy you know-I am not sure how her brother survived. (much less all those Girl Scouts.)

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