Remember that post….

Do you remember when I blogged about Eric who was homeschooled but headed off to community college to learn about computer programming?  And he discovered some interesting things about grades and instructors?  Remember that?  If you do or if you don’t, go here to review and then check out the update (which I forgot to post in December!): Success or Failure.

It looks like Eric is making good solid decisions about his life and he’s lucky that he has parents who give him the space to do that.

Do you expect your children to go to college?  Do they know you expect this and are they going to go simply because it is expected of them – or is it something they really want to do?  These are tough questions.  I don’t like them.


One response to “Remember that post….

  1. I am glad that you bring this up as it’s a topic that is heavy on my mind. Our daughter has been homeschooled/unschooled and is almost 15. I want her to live the life of her dreams and not the life of my dreams.

    By the way, it’s no nice to come upon a blog that touches on the topic of homeschooling TEENS. Everywhere I go, the information is directed toward parents of elementary-aged children. Your site is refreshing. (Having a Dorothy Parker book on the sidebar doesn’t hurt either!!)

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