Why yes, yes we are a gay family

2007familyday120x240.jpgSo. Today is the day we’re suppose to blog for LGBT families. I’ve only been thinking about this particular blog post for months. Unfortunately it hasn’t helped me figure out exactly what it is I should say.

Rarely a day goes by that I don’t blog somewhere about something that is going on in my life which means, uh, don’t I always blog for LGBT families? (I prefer GLBT families, by the way – and I sure wish we could all get on the same page and pick ONE and stick with it.)

Anyway. LGBT families. Yep, got one. 2 moms, 6 kids. We’re pretty much just like any old blended family with 6 kids. We’ve got grown kid issues (divorce, new job, new apartment, no money, paying for college.) We’ve got partially grown kid issues (saving money to move out, going to college, dropping out of college, going to college, dropping out of college.) We’ve got teen issues (mom, can I get a tattoo? mom, can I get a motorcycle? mom, I KNOW! mom, enough with the lectures, I KNOW! MY FRIENDS NOW! I’LL BE CAREFUL! YES I did my homework, errr ok well I thought I did my homework.) We have pre-teen issues (cliques are bad. menstruation. boys are either yukky or wonderful.) We have elementary school issues (math is hard! I hate homework! I want another sylvanian! I want another beanie baby! I want a new video game! I want to watch cartoons!)

We do also have to deal with the fact that kids can be (and all too often are) mean. You hetero families have to deal with that too – but not quite in the way we sometimes do. Friends of our children can waiver between not realizing our family is different to getting it and being confused. Then they move to getting it and thinking it’s cool. From there they are back to NOT getting it and thinking it’s weird. And then to really NOT getting it and using it as a weapon to hurt the kids of LGBT families.

Mostly, we just go about our day. No big deal. It’s just life.


2 responses to “Why yes, yes we are a gay family

  1. I can only hope that each generation gets better. I think I may go blog something in support!

  2. You’re a lesbian? Who knew? 😀

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