Michelle Channeling Dr K

Last week when the women of BlogHer announced the BlogHers Act initiative, I took the time to ask Michelle those important questions. (She’s going to vote for the first time in the 2008 election!)

On the ride home from her Enc1102 class I asked her which global issue was most important. Of course, she said Global Warming. We pondered that in silence for a minute and I asked her which direction we should go to try and solve the Global Warming issue. Her immediate response, as I suspected, was Population Control.

We talked a good bit about why Population Control is a good starting point. We also talked a good bit about the negative aspects of Population Control.

About an hour later, I was driving her across town to hang out with friends and I asked her which four issues would she like to see addressed by the presidential hopefuls. Immediately – Global Warming was her answer with a quick follow up Population Control answer. I said ok, what are the other issues… she was quiet. “There are too many! We need to pick “just one thing”, address that and then move on to the next “one thing”. Ha, it’s Dr K all over again!

So, Michelle’s just one thing is Population Control. Here are some links that support her idea:


One response to “Michelle Channeling Dr K

  1. Thanks for sharing “thinking girl’s” blog entry. Although I’m adamantly opposed to abortion (except to save a woman’s life), I believe that we must empower third world women so that they have economic control over their lives. Give them this empowerment and population numbers will take care of itself. As long as African women (out of economic desperation) are willing to have sex without a condom (and risk AIDS infection) to make an extra dollar, population control in the third world will involve opression, racism and cruelty. First world consumption habits have to change in order to have a positive effect on the environment. Homes in the US are getting bigger as families get smaller. We have too much stuff! Social pressure along with a change in our tax structure could help change this without gov’t regulation. Check out http://www.fairtax.org for one way we could change the consumption habits of Americans. This change would tax consumption rather then production and eliminates federal taxes on the poor.

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