Short Stories

For the last couple of weeks Michelle has been immersed in short stories.  This is good because I never could come up with a list of stories I thought she should read! (Remember when I blogged about that months ago?) 

For ENC1102 she has read these:

* Hemingway "Cat in the Rain"

*  Checkhov "Misery"

*  Mansfield "Miss Brill"

* Bambara "The Lesson"

* Tallent "No One’s a Mystery"

* O’Connor "Revelation"

* Carver "Cathedral"

* O’Brien "The Things They Carried"

* Erdrich "The Red Convertible"

She hasn’t liked them all but they’ve been interesting enough that she hasn’t done too much complaining.  She wrote an essay about "No One’s a Mystery" and is editing it and expanding it for her research project – which I believe is the last piece of writing for her class. 

If you’re still looking for short stories for your teen, check out these Classic Shorts.  There are some good ones.


3 responses to “Short Stories

  1. Wow! Great resource! Thanks for sharing.

  2. For me its not a matter of how to keep my teenage daughter reading – its how to afford all the books. she loves to read and loves to buy books – the library doesn’t seem to have the books she wants and she takes a book with her anywhere she goes so i am hesitant with library books for fear they may accidentally become damaged or misplaced, any ideas on where to find good teenage books for CHEAP?

  3. Luanne D'Angelo

    I keep my teens busy by giving them jobs. My daughter works with me at a preschool on Tuesdays and I pay her $5. My son does chores around the house and he gets the same. I take them out to eat once or twice a week and they go bowling and to movies. We have fun and also do our jobs.

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