Things to Buy Instead of Curriculum

‘Lissa has a great post called Things to Buy Instead of Curriculum and I thought I’d play along with her: Michelle-Style!

  • A Mental Floss subscription.
  • Instruments, instruments, instruments – new guitar, new drums, new saxophone, an amp or three.  Any instrument is better than boring curriculum, if you ask Michelle.
  • I’m a fan of getting movies from the library but Michelle prefers to buy them used from Hollywood Video.  She’s a Michael Moore fan and has enjoyed Marie Antoinette, The U.S. vs Lennon, Sylvia, any of the Shakespeare plays on video… dramatic adaptations of historical events and figures are always a hit.  And, they tend to help her get inspired to learn more about those events and figures from history.
  • A good cookbook – she has enjoyed Teens Cook but is getting a bit bored with it – time for a new one (if you have any suggestions, share them please!)
  • A sewing machine and a bunch of fabric and notions.  Patterns are not always required.
  • Knitting needles, (bamboo are the needles of choice) and some nice yarn.  A book like Stitch n Bitch: Knitters Handbook would also be helpful though it’s pretty easy to find "how to" instructions and videos online.
  • A moleskine or three – several different kinds are preferred for use in many, many different ways.

One response to “Things to Buy Instead of Curriculum

  1. Ooh, good stuff. I hadn’t heard of Mental Floss–looks very cool. Thanks.

    Scott seconds the musical instruments suggestion! And he would add: if a kid is interested in learning to play guitar, get an electric instead of an acoustic. When you don’t plug in, electrics are actually quieter than acoustics (and of course you CAN plug in and crank up the dial to 11 if you want to!), and since you don’t have to press as hard on an electric’s strings, it’s actually easier to learn to play one of those than it is to play an acoustic.

    Not that you guys necessarily need that info, but I thought I’d pass along the tip for your readers!

    Lissa @ Lilting House

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