Michelle’s relationship with Harry

Michelle has never loved Harry, well except for those couple of years when she and a boy named Harry considered themselves "in love", but I’m talking about Harry Potter right now.  She’s liked Harry and Ron and Hermione and crew well enough to read several of the books, but not all of them.  Some of the books, she’s read more than once.  She’s watched all of the movies, including Order of the Phoenix which she watched on her laptop yesterday (no idea where she found a bootlegged copy, but teens are good at finding stuff on the internet!) 

The movies always revive her interest her interest in reading the books but that interest tends to be short lived.  She’ll start one and get 1/3 of the way through it and put it down in favor of something else.  Order of the Phoenix was "intense" and that seems to have fueled her book interest more than the other movies did.  I suspect when she sees Order of the Phoenix in the theater she’ll be even more interested in going back and reading the ones that she skipped.

Now I’ve been tasked to find the books so she can figure out which one(s) she hasn’t finished.  Does anyone know what color the covers for books 4, 5 and 6 are?????


2 responses to “Michelle’s relationship with Harry

  1. Not sure if the colours are the same on the American versions but the Canadian versions have blue, red, and green covers. 😉

    Still debating if I want to go the midnight release or not.

  2. I was back reading last year’s BlogHer posts and saw that you wanted to get your photo taken with the Red Stapler (who wouldn’t? LOL). Are you going to be there this year? If so, email me and I will make SURE to get a shot of you.

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