Colleges Using Text Messages in an Emergency

Michelle’s college campus is offering students text messaging service for notification of school emergencies. I saw this on her school website so I signed her up. Seems like a good idea, right?

I told Michelle about it when I picked her up from work that day and she already knew about it because they sent her a text message telling her she was signed up. Heh. We talked about this for awhile and she said “I don’t really think this is going to work very well in a situation like Va Tech. All of the professors tell us to turn our phones off – all of the way off, not just put them on vibrate. So how would we KNOW we were supposed to turn them on in the middle of a class to find out some crazy guy is shooting up the school?”

She has a point.


3 responses to “Colleges Using Text Messages in an Emergency

  1. She has a very good point. But then, isn’t there always someone who disobeys that? Or just put it’s on silent instead of turning it all the way off?

  2. She does have a point, but at least for me, text messages are saved until I turn the phone back on, which I do after class. Alone, text messages aren’t going to be enough, but they would be if combined with a few other things, like some notification system for classrooms/lecture halls.

  3. Wouldn’t work for me. I still don’t know how to text.

    However, there are students who text all the time in college classes when the class is too big for the prof to see everything going on. The “cheaters” WOULD get the text and tell everyone.

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