What Have You Learned From the World of Work

I’ve been holding onto this link, and this idea, for months.  It seemed like the wrong time to blog about "work".  I was about to make some career changes and I was afraid I couldn’t answer the question without focusing on leaving one job and starting a new one.  I’m not sure my post today is any less influenced by my career shift but it’s Labor Day and there just isn’t a better time to think about work or blog about work. 

The link in question is a round up of posts answering the following question:

What have you learned from the world of work?

That’s such a big question and one that tempts you to get bogged down into personalities and daily frustrations.  It can be hard to look at the big picture or the greater lesson when you’re dealing with frustrating bosses (Hi Lisa, totally not talking about you!), annoying co-workers (errr again certainly not talking about YOU) or clueless customers (totally and completely not talking about YOU either)…. uh, it’s hard to blog about work when people you work with or for (or used to work with or for) read your blog.  This is a lesson about work that everyone with a blog should know.  If it is not hard then you’re doing something wrong…you’re not being honest or you’re being too honest and not careful enough. 

Where was I? Oh yea, what have I learned…

I’ve had a lot of different jobs and I think the best lesson, the one that has taken me far too long to learn, is that leaving is good.  As frightening or anxiety inducing as it can be, change is good. 

I hate change in general and I have struggled with leaving jobs for all of my life – it didn’t matter how much I hated my job, how dissatisfied I became with my job, how troubled I was by what my job had become… I stayed.  I stuck it out, nose to the grindstone, ignoring that unhappy feeling in the back of my head.

When I did make the decision to leave (or the decision was made for me) I agonized, I stressed, I ranted, I raved and I fought the feeling of relief that was lurking behind all of that anxiety.  What a waste of time and energy. 

I think (hope) I’ve finally learned how to leave – and learned to listen to that voice in my head that has always spoken up and said "It’s time to move on.".   

I’m writing this post on Fast Times because I think what I’ve learned might be one of the most valuable lessons I could teach Michelle.  She has a pretty good work ethic (ask her, she’ll tell you!)  She’s learned a lot about different working styles and personality styles.  She’s learned about customer service.  She’s learned about managing people and supplies and money.  I want her to be able to tell the difference between a little work angst and the sometimes frightening voice in your head that’s trying to tell you to move on.  I don’t want her to jump from job to job (and so far she has not done that) but I don’t want her to stay too long because "change" makes her nervous or anxious.   

I’m not sure how to go about teaching her something that I’ve only recently learned myself. I’m sure we’ll figure it out – eventually.   

What have you learned from the world of work? What have your kids learned?  What would you like to teach them?  What have they taught you?


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