Fun Lesson Friday

Since I live in Gainesville, home of the University of Florida and their taser mad campus police, I was quite tempted to encourage you to show your kids how to build their own taser.  It’s all we get to talk about in this town, after all.  But TW said I shouldn’t do that (though there are some really great instructions on how to do this with stuff most of us have around the house…) so I won’t.  Then again, I know at least one teen in this house who would find this type of lesson plan both fun and useful.  OK OK no taser lesson plan.  Fine.

How about the Barbie Doll Electric Chair?  This is always a hit and one of our teens (the one who would most like the taser) has always wanted to do this for a science fair project. 

You might want to accompany this lesson plan with the discussion of Barbie as a role model for girls and her role in the negative body image campaign that girls and women wage against themselves.  Or not.

Have fun!


One response to “Fun Lesson Friday

  1. OMG. Don’t show this to twisted sister. (my younger daughter) LOL. Love the electric chair, though.

    My girls were never really into Barbie, even though they got thousands of them as presents over the years. The only thing they ever did with them was take their clothes off and throw them into the tub.

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