She can do anything

Michelle, TW and I were watching TV one day last week and right out of the blue, during a commercial, Michelle said…

I got an 87 on my Biology exam!  If I can do THAT then I can do ANYTHING!!!!

I blinked.  Hadn’t I already applauded her mightily for the 87 on the Biology exam?  Wasn’t that exam days ago?  Did she just now finish processing her grade in her mind?  Should I take her into a doctor or an educational specialist to see if she’s the one with the learning disorder?  What in the heck brought that on?

I blinked back my confusion and enthusiastically I agreed that yes she could do anything – which is what I’ve been telling her all of her life.  Except of course she can’t marry rich and stay home and shop all day.  I will not allow that.  Otherwise, she can do anything she wants.  Her response….

What about sex work?

My answer, without so much as a blink.

Sure, but I don’t think you’ll enjoy it. 

She laughed, agreed and went back to watching TV.   


One response to “She can do anything

  1. What if she marries rich but also keeps a blog? 😉

    Sometimes the awesomeness of getting a good grade takes a while to hit home on me. Though I’m not being graded anymore!!

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