Fun Lesson Friday

I don’t suppose anyone would consider bedroom cleaning a fun lesson plan, would they? Because after watching Michelle bring down a sink full of dirty dishes yesterday and then being forced to enter all three of the younger children’s bedrooms that’s about all I can think of.  What a mess. 

Besides bedroom cleaning, I’m thinking about cooking dinner.  We sort of tossed our planned menu aside earlier in the week and I’m thinking we need to continue the trend through the weekend.  I hate cooking dinner.  I hate cooking in general.  Michelle, on the other hand, likes to cook – when she feels like it.

She made a really awesome stir fry last month, with cinnamon and lime juice in it.  It was amazing and I never would have thought to add either of those.  Do your kids do that when they cook?  Make some slight change or add something that you would never have thought to add?  Wouldn’t it be fun to videotape their cooking experiements?  You can make it a regular weekly feature and they can have their own cooking show.  Maybe you have the next "Naked Chef" or "Julia Child" living with you.


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