No license yet

Remember a couple of months ago when I wrote that Michelle was talking about getting her drivers license?  Well she is still talking about it, she just hasn’t had much time to study for the written test.  Or more to the point, she hasn’t MADE time to study for the test.  I’m not complaining, the last thing I really want is another kid driver in my family.  I’ve survived Jenn and her not so great driving.  I’ve survived Chris, who is a really safe driver but a little errrr distractable.  (I guess that isn’t really a word, is it?  Too bad, it suits him.)

I have reason to worry, look at these numbers

    * Nearly 6,000 young people die in car crashes annually.
* Another 300,000 teens are injured in car crashes each year.

I don’t think high performance driver’s training is going to do much to help those numbers.  Do you?


2 responses to “No license yet

  1. I didn’t drive until last year. I’m 21. I decided to wait until I was older to get to my license. I live in Ocala which i’m sure you know isn’t too far from Gainesville. She can take her written test online if she wants.

  2. I understand that, Im not pushing either kid to get their license around here at all. The boyfriend has his, that’s enough right? He can go fetch soda for me.

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