Bah Patriarchy!


You hear that a lot around our house.  Someone (usually me, but often the children) is always growling about patriarchy and all its evils.  Sometimes I’m being facetious but usually, I’m not.  Patriarchy, well, it sucks.

But is matriarchy any better?  I sometimes wonder if my kids realize I’d probably be griping about the matriarchy if we ever found ourselves living in a matriarchal society. Let’s imagine a matriarchy… ok maybe not this writer’s idea of matriarchy.  Surely we can do better than this.

While the greater availability of salad greens may not seem like a revolution, it connotes a culture that cares deeply about the ­well-­lived life, and the individual experiences of those who live ­it.

Can’t we?  Ask your teens.  What do they think a matriarchal society of the future might look like?  How would it compare to today’s patriarchy?


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