Fun Lesson Friday

I was traveling all week and don’t have a fun lesson for today. Well, I didn’t until I read my blog feeds and then I stumbled upon something I really love. It’s a little early, since it’s about a New Year’s Eve family tradition but who says we can’t start talking about this stuff with our kids now?

Granny Sue posted her link in reply to Sarah’s Question of the Week at BlogHer and I fell in love with her idea immediately.

Each year I ask people to send me their troubles. Most arrive by email, and I send my invitation to many listserves and discussion lists I’m on. This year my blog readers will be invited to send theirs too.

We have a bonfire on New Year’s Eve and the troubles are printed on sheets of paper and thrown into the fire.

Talk to your kids about what they see as your “family traditions” paying particular attention to the “quirky ones” and then ask them if they’d like to send their troubles to Granny Sue’s bon fire.


One response to “Fun Lesson Friday

  1. Our New Year’s tradition is that we always make prime rib, and play card games (in between watching football of coarse)! Also, on New Year’s Eve we take down the christmas decorations on the tree and put up party decorations on the tree like streamers, and tape on balloons and party decorations!

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