A Thankful Thanksgiving

We had a quiet Thanksgiving.  An early dinner with me, TW, Michelle, Chris and his g/f and then Michelle headed out to another Thanksgiving dinner with her fellow burrito making coworkers at the restaurant owners’ house.  I was just thinking how glad I was that she was there.  Not because it means the evening is much, much quieter.

I’m glad because it reminds me of how thankful I am that the owners and managers of Burrito Brothers took a chance by hiring a tiny little 16 year old homeschooled girl 18 months ago. I don’t think they expected her to last 18 days much less 18 months.  I don’t think they expected her to be quite the employee that she is. 

She’s a hard worker.  She’s reliable and loyal.  She doesn’t call out sick. She doesn’t call around looking for someone to cover for her.  She is almost always early and leaves late every single night. They took a chance and I’m pretty sure they’re glad now that they did.

I’m glad too. 

She’s learned a lot from working there. She’s built relationships with co-workers, managers and the owners that she never would have built in another workplace environment.  She’s struggled with being the youngest but one of the most experienced workers in the restaurant – 21 year old college kids don’t generally like being told what to do or how to do it by 17 year old "little girls"… and that’s been hard for her to handle but it’s something that she can carry on to other jobs in her life. 

Burrito Brothers has been good for Michelle.  I’m thankful.  Very thankful.


One response to “A Thankful Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Denise!

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